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mutual impact

Mutual Impact is our pilot initiative to put into practice our commitment to impact through design and solidarity.

Stemming from our acknowledging the challenging systemic circumstances (financial and beyond) and oppression certain groups, communities, and organizations face, we want to make our services accessible and available to those who need them.


Through mutual impact we will offer each year up to 3 sponsorships for projects based in Mexico and Turtle Island (Canada) that cover our honorariums (for up to 33hrs per project) to groups, communities, and organizations in need of support.


Some examples of projects we could work on through mutual impact are: 1) design, branding, and strategy for an Indigenous-owned sustainable product; 2) website development for an environmental and/or social justice initiative; 3) research, design, and strategy for a community-led initiative fighting for social housing or access to water.

To apply, send us an email with ‘mutual impact’ on the subject line and tell us about you, the initiative you need support with, and the best way to reach you back.

The application period is open until December 31, 2021.

Image by Shane Rounce