Developing a farm-to-table product and service delivery model


Challenge Designing a brand, product, packaging, and website experience that highlights the importance of choosing products that are good for the earth and people.

Outcome A compelling brand that sells a certified organic and kosher product bottled in a reusable glass container, boxed in biodegradable packaging, and shipped C02 free. 

Services Sustainable product design.

Masara, a beloved Mexican apple cider vinegar company, was born from the dream of Cecilia Portillo to connect people to its farmers. 

Cecilia is the granddaughter of an organic apple farmer in Chihuahua, Mexico. Growing up, Cecilia grew aware of the struggles her grandmother faced as an organic farmer, such as XYZ. 

After studying global food security, Cecilia came to the conclusion that a solution to many environmental and social problems lies in consuming local, organic, and ethical products. 

As a consumer herself, she noticed a gap and decided to create the brand herself. 

The founder is the granddaughter of an apple farmer who has been a pioneer in growing organic apples in the region of Chihuahua, Mexico. When she left to study global food security in Canada, Cecilia’s

Embracing the philosophy that humans and plants are interconnected, Masara created a product that was good for the earth and people. 

As Masara reputation grew, the company asked Mutual Design how to take 

As Nana Joes’ reputation grew beyond the hills of San Francisco, the company asked IDEO to explore how to take a small company and scale the brand for national distribution, while keeping its heart and handcrafted ethos at its core.


After studying 

Después de estudiar soberanía alimentaria en la Universidad de McGill en Montreal, Canada, entendí que una solución a muchos problemas sociales y ambientales está en elegir conscientemente lo que consumes.