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We help organizations design more sustainable and participatory strategies, business models, products, and services.

Our approach to design is influenced by our care for justice, innovation, participation, and sustainability. We centre the experience of the users and community, understand the interdependence of the project with its environment, and work closely together to identify the impact potential.


1 Multidisciplinary user and market research

Understand your users and market from diverse perspectives. Identify the social, cultural, and emotional environment in which your project operates.

  • User research

  • Market research

  • Primary and secondary research

  • Competitive analysis

  • Survey, questionnaire, and focus group design

  • A/B testing


2 Build accessible, community-centred websites and apps

Craft valuable, thought-provoking, digital products and experiences that are designed with (and for) everyone, and that take accessibility and carbon-emissions seriously. 

  • Web and app design and development

  • UI/UX design (user interface and experience)

  • Usability testing & expert reviews

  • Design for accessibility (ADA-compliance)

  • Design for sustainability (carbon offset/neutrality)

  • On-line store implementation


3 Design sustainable products and services

Ground and materialize your ideas into a product or service that is good for humans, and responsible towards the environment—throughout the product's life cycle.


  • Visioning and ideation

  • Product design

  • Service design

  • Project management

  • Analog and digital prototyping

  • Monitor and evaluation


4 Facilitate co-creation and participatory public consultation processes

Generate valuable information and foster decision-making through playful and creative activities that center inclusion, diversity, and participation.

  • Facilitation (live & remote)

  • Participatory leadership and horizontal decision-making

  • Co-creation and consultation processes

  • Design and Implementation of community-generated logic model (actor mapping, issue-solution, opportunities for change)



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a relationship


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and iterate


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Finished product

After an initial call or meeting to understand your needs and establish a working relationship we follow by carrying out research to better understand your users, your market, and the key themes that your project touches on. We know that most projects intersect with territory, culture, language, technology, and history.


We utilize participatory co-design tools and activities to create playful and inclusive environments to bring the best ideas to life. From the input generated, a working prototype will be built. Iteration and improvements will follow—resulting in a finished product that meets your goals while empowering the users and community involved.